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an example of nesting process

The nesting technology on CNC machines

Protek CNC machines allow nesting process. Our team studies optimal solutions to guarantee customers significant savings in time, costs and materials. This allows you to gain a clear advantage using our technology. Discovering the nesting process The Nesting process allows you to obtain the most space-efficient layout for arranging pieces of the desired length in […]

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MECSPE 2023: Protek at the exhibition of innovations for the manufacturing industry

Protek is proud to announce its participation at MECSPE 2023, the main Italian fair dedicated to the manufacturing industry organized by Senaf. It will take place from 29 to 31 March at BolognaFiere. MECSPE 2023 MECSPE is a b2b fair in which you can meet the best suppliers of technologies, machines and processes. The 2023

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Exhibition of Protek with customers and a machine

Protek at the fairs

For Protek, trade fairs are not just a marketing tool, but an opportunity. It is a vision that looks at company growth, customer experience and market evolution. Fairs in the history Fairs have a very ancient origin. During the Middle Ages it was not a mere market for the exchange of goods. They took place

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Why CNC?

One of the key points of the modern manufacturing industry is the use of CNC machining. It’s a working method that not only concerns the production sector. Infact it also extends to the electronics sector, the automotive sector, the aerospace sector and beyond. The use of CNC machining versus manual machining can lead to greater

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Why Protek?

The details make the difference. In Protek, we believe this is the basis for our efforts in the sector of CNC machine manufacturing, which represents the heart of today’s manufacturing industry with an eye to the future.    The Protek CNC Machine Project   Almost 27 years after its foundation, Protek proudly represents Italian technological progress around

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