The nesting technology on CNC machines

an example of nesting process

Protek CNC machines allow nesting process. Our team studies optimal solutions to guarantee customers significant savings in time, costs and materials. This allows you to gain a clear advantage using our technology.

Discovering the nesting process

The Nesting process allows you to obtain the most space-efficient layout for arranging pieces of the desired length in a pre-established area. It is possible to position parts already designed with CAD modules, give tool paths and thus create cutting planes.

Protek CNC provides software that analyzes the parts to be produced by the CNC machine using specific algorithms and determining the best pattern.

The advantages of nesting

  • Optimization and reduction of production times: by optimizing space and working on multiple parts at the same time, nesting allows you to significantly reduce production times. CNC machines increase company productivity by working on multiple pieces at the same time;
  • Reduce production costs: nesting ensures that you don’t waste material by optimizing the material in use. Furthermore, the use of CNC machines with this system involves the least use of electricity and the least least work for the operators;
  • Precision and repeatability: CNC machines offer high precision for every material used. With the CNC software you can define the dimensions, shapes and features of the components, ensuring accurate repeatability. This process allows parts to be positioned precisely and repeatably on the material, so that each component is made with the same precision parameters.

If you want to learn more about Protek CNC systems with nesting, write to us. We create highly innovative products that can give an advantage to our customers.
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