Area of application

  • Mechanical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Building facades industry
  • Signage
  • Aluminium industry
  • Insulating industry
  • Packaging
  • Foam
  • And many more.

FRESAT is the name of the first milling machine produced by Protek. It is a work center suitable for all “nesting” processes and for massive production of parts and big size panels.

FRESAT stands out for its easy use, due to its small size and its versatility. The constant research and development of the Protek’s technical team has allowed the development of this model having reduced sizes, while maintaining the dimensions required for easy workability of the panels, allowing, if necessary, to displace the machine from a production site to another.

FRESAT is very versatile and is available in different configurations. It is very well appreciated in the building sectors (alucobond and similar) and in the foam processing (packaging etc)

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Electrospindle (Power) 12 kW
Electrospindle (rpm) 24.000
Electrospindle (cone type) ISO 30 or HSK 63
Tool changer positions 1650: 9 - 16 positions
2000: 12 - 20 positions
Pick up tool changing time 14
Time between tool changing 20
Vacuum pump power 5,5 kW (each pump)
Swarf extraction unit power 4 kW
Rapid speed axes X-Y 60.000 mm/min
Rapid speed axis Z 30.000 mm/min
Max working speed 2D 30.000 mm/min
Max working speed 3D 20.000 mm/min
Max workable height 75 mm or 150 mm
Max clearance below gantry 200 mm
X axis stroke 1650 +/-20 - 2050 +/-20
Y axis stroke 1025 +/-20 - 8100 +/-20
Z axis stroke 255 mm / knife 285 mm
Working top height from ground 900 mm
Machine precision (room temp. 20 °C)
Setting per mt ≤ 0,050 mm
Setting repeatability per mt ≤ 0,04 mm
Resolution 0,001 mm
Circular interpolation ≤ 0,050 mm Ø 60 F 3000
Ø max tool shank diameter 20 mm
Ø max tool diameter 40 mm
Max tool height 120 mm
CNC Mitsubishi
Type Digital
Interpolation 3D
Vacuum areas 2015 (1 pump) 2-6
Vacuum areas 3020 (2 pumps) 3-9
Vacuum areas 4020 (2 pumps) 4-12
Vacuum areas 6020 (3 pumps) 6-18
Vacuum areas 8020 (4 pumps) 8-24

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