Area of application

  • Mechanical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Building facades industry
  • Signage
  • Visual communication
  • Large format printing
  • Aluminium industry
  • Insulating industry
  • Packaging and many more

UNICO CNC is a portal milling machine easy to use and very functional. UNICO CNC allows to make a smart investment due to its value for money ratio and its performances. The machine is particularly suitable for use in different sectors, from mechanical sectors to the signage sector. UNICO CNC has been designed to ensure “unique” performances as its names indicates along with a simple and friendly use for everyone (just need a click).

UNICO CNC is equipped with an automatic planar tool changer with 6, 9 or 12 position depending on machine width and the customer’s request. The availability of multiple tools and their changing speed make easy even the hardest machining.

The chance to equip the UNICO CNC with a VisionTek unit and/or Flatness probing system and/or “K” Unit (Cutting Blade) bestow the machine that multi-functionality that no other machine has and allows the processing of a variety of different materials without resorting the use of other machines.

UNICO CNC is a true 3D milling machine capable of working plastic, wood, light alloys, composites, etc but it’s possible on add the “K” Unit for cutting and creasing multi-layered and alveolar corrugated cardboard, carpets, mats, rubber gaskets, sponges and foam.

The machine can also be equipped with a 9kW electrospindle for more challenging applications.

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Electrospindle (Power) 3,6 kW - 9 kW (S6)
Electrospindle (rpm) 50.000
Electrospindle (cone type) ISO 30
Rotating tool changer positions 6-9-12
Pick up tool changing time 5 sec
Time between tool changing 12 sec
Vacuum pump power 4 kW (each pump)
Swarf extraction unit power 3 kW
Rapid speed axes X-Y 60.000 mm/min
Rapid speed axis Z 30.000 mm/min
Max working speed 2D 60.000 mm/min
Max working speed 3D 30.000 mm/min
Max workable height 50 mm
Max clearance below gantry 140 mm
X axis stroke 1650 +/- 10
2050 +/- 10
Y axis stroke 2050 +/- 10
6150 +/- 10
Z axis stroke 200 mm
Working top height from ground 900 mm
Machine precision (room temp. 20 °C)
Setting per mt ≤ 0,060 mm
Setting repeatability per mt +/- 0,040 mm
Resolution 0,001 mm
Circular interpolation ≤ 0,050 mm Ø 60 F 3000
Ø max tool shank diameter 20 mm
Ø max tool diameter 40 mm
Max tool height 120 mm
CNC Mitsubishi
Type Digital
Interpolation 3D
Vacuum areas 2016 (1 pump) 2
Vacuum areas 3020 (2 pumps) 3
Vacuum areas 4020 (2 pumps) 4
Vacuum areas 6020 (3 pumps)) 6

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