Protek at the fairs

Exhibition of Protek with customers and a machine

For Protek, trade fairs are not just a marketing tool, but an opportunity. It is a vision that looks at company growth, customer experience and market evolution.

Fairs in the history

Fairs have a very ancient origin. During the Middle Ages it was not a mere market for the exchange of goods. They took place in large geographical areas. It often was a city or a village known for being a commercial and economic sorting center. During the fairs, the local Lords granted exemption from duties making the goods cheaper. This privilege created a large influx of buyers.

During the 19th century, international fairs began to lose their value and the great universal exhibitions became increasingly popular. In 1851 research and innovation inspired the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations, at Crystal Palace, in London. Each participant exhibited their products obtained with new technologies, large industrial machinery. Nowadays, the Covid-19 has introduced a new vision of fairs with their online version, in some cases. But today the direct contact between producers, sellers and potential customers is an opportunity increasingly considered by companies.

The opportunities during the fairs

The fairs are a moment of inestimable educational value, for those who sell and for those who buy. But also for those who just want to know something new. Various cultures meet here, but you can also grasp the trends of an increasingly evolving market. The company that exposes its products perceives what the consumer is looking for today, getting in touch with him. The face to face of fairs allows you to test machines, products and also a single detail of them. 

You can also increase the number of contacts to retain using various marketing strategies. In the same way, the fairs allow every company to understand how competitors move, also trying to offer new solutions to bring to the market. Those who visit the fairs can understand how the market evolves, what are the new technological proposals or they can simply learn about the exhibiting companies and their history. The meeting with the company also guarantees greater security to the visitor, who can verify the potentialities of each proposal and understand the possible limits. The customer can take advantage also to meet the technicians of the companies and relate to them.

Meet Protek at the fairs

Protek participates annually in various exhibitions in Italy and around the world. In every event, it is essential for us to guarantee visitors the presence of our qualified team to answer any type of question, accompanying them in the discovery of our machines. Briefly, Protek wants to train and to inform. We choose the fairs based on the main theme, the characteristics of the machines we want to bring there, the innovations that we can offer from time to time.

Our fairs in 2022

2022 was a significant year in which all sectors of the economy made progress in technological development and we wanted to be present in 5 events. The year began with participation in Sign and Digital UK from 22 to 24th March. Protek brought Unico TT, our multifunctional machine, to Birmingham. The second step was FESPA European Sign Expo 2022, which took place from 31 May to 3 June at Messe Berlin in Germany. We have shown 2 great machines for signage and digital printing: Unico CNC e Unico TT.

Then we were in Bologna from 9 to 11 June, guests of MECSPE. This is the largest event dedicated to innovations for the manufacturing industry. On this occasion we showed visitors the features of Compact, designed to work large size parts of different materials with precision. Unico CNC was our choice for visitors to the Fensterbau Frontale in Nuremberg, from 12 to 15 July. At the end of the year, we brought Fresat to BIMU in Milan from 12 to 15 October. While we have chosen Unico TT for the K in Dusseldorf, from 16 to 23 October. 

Now wait for us, we will inform you soon about the fairs where we will be in 2023.

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