All is ready for Open Day in Protek

Open Day in Protek is almost here. We are ready to welcome our agents and customers to the Headquarter in the two days which open our 2023 of exhibitions.

Call for agents

On February 22 we will welcome all the agents representing Protek in Italy and in the world to the factory. From 9:30 we will take you to the company showroom, for the official greetings of Giulio Fazzini, CEO of Protek. After a coffee break, there will be the introduction of the functions of the machines produced and the upgrades developed by the technicians. During the day, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the 6 machines in showroom. So you will be the first to see the new 3+5 axes Compact up close, discovering all its particularities. Then the agents will interface with the sales area for Protek commercial updates.

In the middle of the day there will be a lunch break with typical Abruzzo meals.

Open day for customers

Thursday 23 February, we will welcome and host customers who want to get to know every detail of our company live. 6 machines to discover, including Unico CNC,Unico CNC + K, Unico TT, Fresat Dust 2T, Compact, Concept with their technological development and their applications on multiple materials. Our technicians will be at full disposal for any clarification. During the day we will present our history, our present and our future, what we will achieve together with you.


You can confirm your presence sending a mail to

See you in Protek.