LEC Laser choses Protek with a new Unico CNC

unico cnc

Protek welcomes LEC into its rich customer portfolio. Last week our trainer Antonio installed the Unico CNC in the Bosnian company. 

About Lec Laser

LEC stands for Laser, Engraving and Cutting. It is an established company in the field of engraving, cutting and processing plexiglass and other supports. They are specialized in: promotional material, interior design and signage for accommodations and residential buildings, products for restaurants, café, pubs, bars, engraving or drawing and engraving on various materials and personalized stamps. Discover LEC on the website www.leclaser.com.

Unico CNC for LEC

Protek has brought to Bosnia the user-friendly milling machine Unico CNC able to work in different sectors, on different materials, with speed, accuracy and finishing quality. 

We are ready for a long partnership.

Hvala, LEC