Why Protek?

The details make the difference. In Protek, we believe this is the basis for our efforts in the sector of CNC machine manufacturing, which represents the heart of today’s manufacturing industry with an eye to the future. 


The Protek CNC Machine Project 

 Protek CNC MachineAlmost 27 years after its foundation, Protek proudly represents Italian technological progress around the world. We do it focusing on the aspects of creativity, elegance, durability and accuracy. The starting point is a workplace that looks at safety and sustainability pointing straight simultaneously in one direction: guarantee the customer the best possible quality of our CNC machine. Protek imagines, creates and develops cutting and milling solutions that are flexible and innovative, without ever diverting attention from what happens around us, looking at technological, economic and cultural innovations. 


Our R&D departmentProtek CNC R&D Department

Protek wants to develop a CNC machine that anticipates market demands as much as possible and that is customizable according to customer needs, easy to use and that guarantees his safety. For this reason, the internal research and development department studies the applicability of different lightweight materials and at the same time strong and innovative to realize these. This research then leads to the use of machines that can work an incredible variety of materials, from the lightest and weakest to the strongest and most resistant. 


Our customers, our world

Protek CNC OfficeProtek wants to be always close to the customer, establishing a relationship of trust and ensuring total assistance for every eventuality. Protek has designed and developed opportunities for 24/7 customer service. We want to give more and more space to the concept of quality of our service that we want to bring to the market. In addition to the analysis of the new materials placed on the market, he can propose materials of his property on which to perform cutting and milling tests to test the CNC machine and their accuracy. We guarantee a continuous consultancy on the tools to be used for each type of surface to be worked and accurate training courses after purchase. Finally, the customer is supported by remote support and the professionalism of our technicians ready to move around the world in a short time for any critical issues or clarifications. To promote our products and share with customers and suppliers the opportunities guaranteed by Protek CNC machine, our company often encounters the international context by actively participating in fairs organized in large dedicated areas.


Why Protek? Simply because we want the best customer satisfaction and his maximum safety and attention to every detail. But that’s not all.

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