New Protek CNC installation: Unico CNC for Plastinox

Plastinox Italy SRL chooses Protek CNC for its solutions. We are pleased to have concluded the installation of a Unico CNC at the company based in Dueville (VI), in Italy.

Plastinox Italy SRL

Founded in 1986, Plastinox Italy creates plants for metal finishing. These are entirely customized systems that can be adapted to any production context. In fact, the company makes products for: mechanics, jewellery, electronics, fashion accessories, automotive, naval and more. Plastinox is close to the customer’s needs. It customizes the products and supports customers during and after the purchase. The company focuses on technological development to improve performance, respect the environment and reduce consumption.

The Protek CNC machine for the company

For Plastinox Italy, our team has developed an easy-to-use and extremely functional gantry milling machine.

The applications of Unico CNC are: visual communication and graphic arts, composite processing, aeronautics, mechanics, aluminum industry, plastics industry, building, packaging and more. In its basic configuration, the machine is equipped with an automatic planar tool change system with 6, 9 or 12 positions. The availability of multiple tools and the speed of change simplify extremely difficult machining. Furthermore Protek allows you to equip the Unico CNC with a Visiotek unit, a Flatness unit and a “K” unit (blade cutting). With these, the machine has the characteristic of multifunctionality. It allows the processing of a variety of different materials without using other machines. There is also the possibility of equipping the machine with a double processing head to obtain even higher productivity.

Furthermore Protek CNC looks at the safety of operators and the working environment. Therefore, responding to the current safety standards of the “European Machinery Directive” (CE), we install control systems and a safety area on all sides of the machines. To discover all the optionals of our machines, write to us and we will accompany you in our world.


Thank you, Plastinox Italy, for your trust in the Protek team and enjoy your business with your new Unico CNC.