Protek CNC introduces its first Academy

Protek CNC academy

With pride and satisfaction, the Protek CNC Team welcomes the students of the first software course in our Headquarter. The academy is a project born in collaboration with the Umana agency. It aims to fully train young people from technical studies to guarantee them the skills to immediately approach work in the best possible way.

About us

Protek CNC is a manufacturer of innovative and flexible cutting and milling solutions, able to satisfy all the customer’s requirements.

Our research and development team designs solutions that employ the use of the most advanced materials, in order to create machines that are easy and safe to use, able to cut and mill a wide range of materials that can be set up according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Protek CNC wanted to add a value to the made in Italy concept of technology: being user friendly. Our working centres are designed in order to give the best work experience to the user.

Protek CNC and the software course

The first software course is reserved for 10 students, who will attend lessons for a total of 200 hours. The lessons, both theoretical and practical, will be about PLC, HMI, CAD/CAM topics and more, bringing participants closer to the various programming and development languages.

Protek teachers are already included in the corporate context, providing all the tools for the full realization of the students. The academy also aims to immediately combine studies and placement in a working context. At the end of the course, some of the students will start their adventure in our team.

From our Ceo Giulio Fazzini and all the Protek Team the greatest good luck to the students of the academy, welcome!