New Protek CNC installation: Unico TT for Brokamp

Brokamp Stanzfabrikationen GmbH chooses Protek CNC for its solutions. We are pleased to have concluded the installation of a Unico TT at the company based in Nordhorn, in Germany and a few kilometers from the Netherlands.


The company started in the textile sector. Then specialized in various markets, such as packaging, automotive, mechanical engineering and much more. Brokamp was founded in 1972 in Neuenhaus and as it grew, moved to nearby Nordhorn in the 1990s. The company excels in the field of stamping and cutting technology and is growing more and more in plastic processing.

The company takes care of its products with attention, research and with the most innovative technologies. It supports the customer in every phase, from the choice of the product to the after-sales service.

Unico TT for the company

Unico TT is a multifunction milling and cutting flatbed plotter, mobile gantry, 3 axes CNC, for processing panels, sheets and roll materials. For example you can use it to produce little pieces and panels in the advertising sector and in the production of gaskets and industrial materials.

You can equip the machine with a 3.6 kW or 9 kW electrospindle. You will also have available a wide range of cutting heads to meet the most extreme demands on unconventional advanced materials. The possible machining are oscillating cutting, drag knife, creasing, 45° cutting, kiss cutting and more.

In conclusion, Protek CNC looks at the safety of operators and the working environment. Therefore, responding to the current safety standards of the “European Machinery Directive” (CE), our team equip the machine with control systems and with a safety area on all sides. To discover all the options you can install on our machines, write to us and we will accompany you in our world.

Thank you, Brokamp, for your trust in the Protek team. Enjoy your business with your new Unico TT.