New Protek CNC installation: Unico CNC K for Lexidor

Lexidor chooses Protek CNC for its solutions. We have concluded the installation of a Unico CNC K at the company based in Sweden, in the city of Kungälv


Lexidor is a signage company that develops emergency, evacuation, and safety signage solutions for both sea and land-based businesses. It was founded in 1880 by Victor Lindberg. Initially the company name was Lindbergs Skyltaffär, producing pharmacy labels and signs.

Lexidor today has many customers: from small and medium-sized businesses to some of the largest corporations in the world. Infact, the company conceives, creates and develops solutions for the marine, real estate, corporate and manufacturing sectors.

The Protek CNC machine for the company

Unico CNC is a portal milling machine easy to use and very functional. The machine is equipped with an automatic planar tool change system with 6, 9 or 12 positions according to the width of the machine and the equipment requested by the customer. Also the availability of multiple tools and their changing speed make the hardest machining easy. As in the case of Lexidor, it is possible to add the K unit. This is a cutting blade which makes the Unico CNC a powerful and very versatile milling machine, managing to cut and crease even the most flexible materials.

Protek CNC looks at the safety of operators and the working environment. Therefore, responding to the current safety standards of the “European Machinery Directive” (CE), our team equip the machine with control systems and with a safety area on all sides. 

Thank you, Lexidor, for your trust and enjoy your business with your new Unico CNC K.