New installation of Protek CNC: Fresat Dust for Uciesse

Uciesse chooses Protek CNC for its solutions. We have concluded the installation of a Fresat Dust at the company based in Leinì (TO).


The company is specialized in production of components and precision parts processed from plastic materials. Uciesse was founded in 1987 near Turin and it was a reseller of industrial technical articles. Over the years, analyzing the changes in the market and the characteristics of the product, Uciesse has specialized in the processing and transformation of thermoplastics.

The Protek CNC machine

Fresat Dust is a milling work center particularly suitable for mass production of pieces made from very dusty materials. This allows the safeguarding of safety, health and the environment. Fresat is the ideal machine for multiple materials in multiple sectors: aluminium, foam, plastic and similar materials. It is very well appreciated in the building sectors and in the packaging processing. The machine is also the ideal solution  for Nesting operations, obtaining the greatest possible number of pieces with the least material waste.

(1) Example: the production of a series of microparts in Uciesse 

The customer can see all his requests satisfied with the various options that we can install on the machine. For example, the Protek research and development department has also developed the multi-head option. With this, you can increase productivity without compromising the quality of the creations. The customer will choose the best asset for his machine.


A safer work

Then, Protek CNC looks at the safety of operators and the working environment. Therefore, responding to the current safety standards of the “European Machinery Directive” (CE), we equip the machine with control systems and with a safety area on all sides.

In Fresat and in the other Protek products, we also install laser scanners on the side areas and front and rear safety mats. To discover all the options you can install on our machines, write to us and we will accompany you in our world.

Thank you, Uciesse, for your trust in the Protek team and enjoy your business with your new Fresat.