Cutting solutions with Protek CNC machines

Protek CNC does not sell products, but real solutions to meet customer needs. Each internal department of Protek CNC worked to introduce a technology that has made its machines multifunctional.

Protek CNC understands the needs of the market

We have identified in the market the need to be able to cut materials of any degree of flexibility. This need comes from various markets: textiles, visual communication, signage, light industry, packaging, the industry of sound-absorbing materials and more.

Our team has always wanted to guarantee the customer a precise, clean and unique cut. At the same time, we have made our machines faster by decreasing production times and increasing productivity. We have raised the level of safety for both the operator and the environment. The safety pack including front/rear mat and lateral laser scanners allows Protek CNC machines to stop at any time in case of invasion of the safe area. A powerful suction system leaves zero residues on the worktable and in the air.

Protek CNC solutions

Unico TT

Unico TT is certainly the multifunctional machine par excellence among Protek products. Its ease of use and its versatility make it one of the most requested products. In addition to the “Cutting Cutter” head, you can equip the machine with a “Blade Cutting” unit. It consists of an additional head, connected with the Z axis of the machine, on which it is possible to mount simultaneously 2 different heads depending on the processes to be performed: oscillating cutting, creasing, 45° cutting, kiss cutting. There is a Conveyor version of the machine, a real flat bed plotter for cutting and creasing corrugated board, to shape carpets and mats, rubber gaskets, , foam, sponge, lightweight foam materials, fabric and stationery materials. It is equipped with an advanced Pick & Place system for placement of panels and systems for fabric coils

Fresat and the “Solo” unit

But not only. Other machines may have plugins that make them suitable for cutting as well. Fresat is our first milling machine and can be equipped with a cutting head independent of the milling one and it performs cutting, creasing, VCut, half cut, etc. on semi-rigid, expanded and flexible materials. On this system you can mount two different heads at the same time and connect them to the machine very easily.

Unico CNC K

Similarly, the K cutting unit can be added to the Unico CNC. It makes Unico CNC a powerful milling machine that is at the same time very versatile, cutting and creasing even the most flexible materials.

An example of processing

We worked a 5mm Forex with Unico TT for FESPA visitors. We have previously printed on a 1500 mm x 1000 mm panel some serial pieces of a boat painted with Protek colours.

Unico TT machining the forex panel
Unico TT machining the forex panel

The machine, equipped with a large library of materials, read the file in seconds and processed and performed the cut. Then we assembled all the pieces as in the photo and the result was a precise and effective cut.

The boat made with Unico TT


In Protek we create the most suitable cutting solutions for each customer.