Discovering Compact: the main features of the machine

Exhibited Compact

From 29 to 31 March we will exhibit at MECSPE. For the first time ever, Protek will participate in the fair with the new Compact 3+5 axes. The machine is the right solution for those who need to work light alloys, plastic and composite materials. In our Monday focus, we explain why to choose Compact and its key aspects.

A strong structure and unique characteristics

The machine allows you to work components obtained directly from the sheet. Compact counts on a fully reinforced structure to guarantee resistance to strong stresses and to support these slabs. But not only. The transmission designed by protek technicians allows the machine to obtain precise tolerances, so as to guarantee an excellent finish and high-speed machining.

Compact allows to work a wide range of materials allowing the customer to make large size products, but also microparts. This is possible due to the presence of an electrospindle of 19 kW at 24,000 rpm. The machine is a completely user-friendly product thanks to the mobile console, equipped with a PC, which allows control of the Mitsubishi CNC. There is also a presetting and automatic tool changer up to 60 guaranteed positions.

Compact applications

Compact can meet the needs of customers from different markets. It processes a wide range of materials, but it is the right machine for a long series of sectors. Its speed and strength are excellent elements for the construction area, both for those who work on interior and exterior and urban furnishings, and for those who deal with facade cladding. In the industrial sector, Compact satisfies the needs of the automotive, aerospace and aeronautics sectors, packaging and railway transport.


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