Aluminium composites applications

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What is aluminium composite

An aluminium composite panel is composed of two aluminium sheets and an inner core, usually made of a thermoplastic material.

It is produced by a lamination process and it is divided and classified in different in different classes according to fireproofing features.

It is used in different sectors and with various applications and it is cut with a CNC milling machine.

Sectors of applications

Aluminium composites are aftoen used in the ventilated facades, where they have a positive effect on thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

Another large sector of application is digital printing, where the panels (also calld ACM: aluminium composite panels) are cut with a CNC machine and after printed.

Signage ais also a sector in which aluminium composite panels are used for their versatility, durability and light weight.

For its advantages, aluminium composites is also used in POP displays, exhibits and kiosk.

Cutting aluminium composites

Cutting aluminium composites requires professional CNC machines that are precise and powerful.

Usually precision is required not only for aesthetical purposes, which is one of the main reasons to use ACM, but also for the importance of c-grooving the material.

V-groving is an inclined cut that allows the aluminium composite to bend precisely (watch here an example of cut

Especially in the facades and cladding industry, the volumes of production are very high, therefore the reliability of CNC machines is very important.

Also, the V-Cut requires specific tools, therefore the experience of the tools manufacturer is very important

Protek solutions for aluminium composites panels

Protek offers a wide range of machines and solution (tools and softwares) for cutting and milling aluminium composite panels, like Alucobond, Alucore or Dibond.

The best selling machines in this sectors are Unico CNC, Fresat and Compact.

Those CNC machines are equipped with a state of the art configurations to mill aluminium composites materials.

Every machine has:

  • automatic tool change system
  • automatic presetting of the tool
  • vacuum blocking system
  • nesting software to reduce waste and optimize toolpath
  • set of specific tools for aluminium composites

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