About Us

Passion for advanced technology and attention to details.

Protek aims to create cutting and milling solutions, able to satisfy all the customers’ requirements.

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Customer Support Services

In the aim to increase our concept of quality, we have developed services to support you.

Your Vision
Our Passion

PROTEK are the providers of advanced solutions

How We Are Different

Our R&D department develops solutions that use light, strong and innovative materials, to create safe machines.

Our solutions are easy to use and able to work an incredible range of materials.

Our machines can be set up and customized according to the users requests.

Protek is proud to represent Italian technology in the world manufacturing, with attention to details and creativity, products that are reliable and performing

Our working centres are designed to give the best work experience to the user.

Customer Support Service

To increase our concept of quality, we have developed the following customer support services:

  • Analysis of new materials in the market
  • Cutting and milling tests on material provided by the customer
  • Consultancy on the tools to be used and the parameters to be set for each type of material to be processed
  • Selection of tools by type of material to be processed
  • Training courses on the machine use
  • 24/7 support
  • Spare parts service
  • Remote support
  • A team of skilled engineers that are able to travel worldwide

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