Working a piece on a machine assumes that it has been safely and precisely locked.

Furthermore, this operation must be fast and economical.

For this reason, on Protek machines the blocking is based on the vacuum system.

The vacuum blocking technique, besides being one of the main features of the machine, represents one of its strengths.

Vacuum tightening systems avoid any damage to the piece and release the operator from any other side.

Specifically, with the vaccum block, you create a force below the piece to be blocked, that is, a pressure difference is formed with which the piece is pressed against the worktable.

The holding force of the piece depends on the structure of the material, the pressure difference and the vacuum applied to the surface.

Greater is the area under vacuum, better will be the holding forces.

The blocking system used on our work centers cover the various types of work pieces and they are:

  • MDF worktable (Medium Density Fiberboard): transpiring worktable where pass-through operations are possible;
  • Reticulated surface: allows the vacuum to be concentrated in small areas using a gasket, making it possible to work on pieces with a narrow base;
  • Vilmill: this special sheet, in contact with the tool, activates an additional blocking in order to make the processing of micro-pieces possible;
  • Vac-mat: it is a special system based on the use of mats that compensate any bending of the panel. Take advantage of pass-through processes.

Regardless of the technique used, the locking system is activated by pumps.

The machine is also able to manage an automatic division of the areas into a variable number depending on the size of the work surface.

An important example that represents the state of the art of these technologies is the Protek CONCEPT machine that will be exhibited during the next EMO fair in Hannover from 16 to 21 September 2019.

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