PROTEK aims to create cutting systems more and more innovative and flexible, able to respond to all customer requirements.

Our tech research team develops solutions that employ even more lighter and stronger materials, in order to create safe machines, beautiful to look at, easy to use, able to work different materials, and above all, which can be set up according to the specific needs of the customer. PROTEK, with its modern factory based in Abruzzo, is proud to represent and promote the Italian technology in the world. Italian products have always been synonymous of attention to detail, creativity, beauty and durability.

PROTEK has added security and simplicity: this is our idea of high quality of Made in Italy. Our working centers are manufactured in this way and divided in two main Brand – PROTEK INDUSTRY and PROTEK CREATIVE – both dedicated to the realization of different manufacturing.

We wanted to increase our concept of quality, for this pur-pose we have developed the following services in support of the customers:

  • analysis and technical tests on new materials proposed by the Customer
  • advice on the tools to be used and the parameters to be set for each type of material to be processed
  • selection of tools by type of material to be processed
  • after sales training
  • 24/7 ongoing support
  • spare parts service
  • remote support or sending of skilled technicians able to help in case of need