UNICO TT is a basic and versatile machine, easy to use and extremely functional. It offers the possibility to work a variety of materials, especially those in the graphics and advertising industry. As its name suggests, it is designed and built to allow “unique” performance along with extreme ease of use, making it a true complete cutting center for cardboard, rubber, sponge, plastics, composites and many others, as well as aluminium, brass, wood, extremely hard materials.
The ability to work materials with the material milling technique as well as the use of blade cutting systems make UNICO TT one of the most versatile machines on the market.

UNICO TT is equipped with an automatic planar tool changer with 6, 9 or 12 position depend- ing on machine width and the customer’s request. The availability of multiple tools and their changing speed make really easy even the hardest machining.

UNICO TT is a true 3D milling machine capable of working plastic, wood, light alloys, composites, etc but it is also a real plan plotter for cutting and creasing multilayered and alveolar corrugated cardboard, molding carpets, mats, rubber gaskets, sponges and foam.

The possibility to equip the UNICO TT with electric, pneumatic and rotative cutting heads, in addition to the traditional milling cutting system, bestow the machine that multi-functionality that no other machine has and allows the processing of a variety of different materials without resorting the use of other machines.

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