The name embodies exactly the nature of this machine. Technologically advanced design, versatility, precision in machining, materials, light and at the same time strong, used to manufacture it, makes this machine an “unicum”. The UNICO TT CONVEYOR is a real flat bed plotter for cutting and creasing corrugated board, to shape carpets and mats, rubber gaskets, sponge, lightweight foam materials, fabric and stationery materials. It is also a true 3D milling machine capable to mill plastic panels, aluminum alloys, wood, etc. Versatility and working accuracy of UNICO TT CONVEYOR makes the purchase of this machine an effective investment both for the ratio resulting quality of machined products/machine cost, and for its high productivity.

UNICO TT CONVEYOR is available with 3 different cutting widths of 1650, 2150 and 3300 mm. It is also equipped with a full range of heads for cutting, creasing, V-cut, Kiss-cut etc. and can be completed with a wide range of accessories such as loading tables, winders / unwinders etc.

The machine features an advanced Pick & Place system for placement of panels and fabric coils. The high-speed rotating tool changer with tool presetting function ensures maximum cutting precision.

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