From 16 to 21 September 2019 Protek will be present as exhibitors at the EMO in Hannover, the leading trade
exposition in the industry sector.
EMO is known and appreciated as the most important meeting for high-profile providers and users from all over the world.
After the success of the COMPACT during the EMO 2017, this will be the turn of the CONCEPT, the main Protek “jewel” in the industry,
already brilliantly exposed during the last MECSPE exhibition in Parma.
It will be a beautiful showcase, where technology and innovation will be at the first place.
The CONCEPT is the flagship of PROTEK, the first machine that the company founder imagined; hence its name, CONCEPT,
the concept machine at its best.
It has been conceived and built for all those jobs that require speed of execution, precision, accuracy
and work power.
These characteristics make it the best solution for processing materials such as aluminum and its alloys, copper, brass, plastic and composite materials.
The power of the spindle (25 KW-24000 rpm) and the highest precision ( +/- 0.005) make it a really appreciated solution in various fields of application: mechanical, aeronautical, aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, railway.

Today Protek can boast an inimitable product that has already been installed in the most important technological companies in Italy and in Europe.

The CONCEPT, as indeed all the other Protek machines, has been designed to produce parts obtained directly from the sheet, saving a considerable amount of material, time and energy and fully responds to all requirements for 4.0 Industry and integrated production.